Anon request for a Slenderized Spongebob. Somehow not as creepy as the regular Spongebob.

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Still messing around in Flash. Slendy-kun gif!

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Flash is weird…..

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Gonna upload a few of the old slendy pictures as photosets.

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 Slendermon! Slendivy!

Been a bit…

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Remember when I watched you without interacting for days, and then tried to kill you climatically? Good times.

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This kinda feels like a GQ ad for Slenderman. Not sure how I feel about that.

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It needed to be done…

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Trying to get used to being more color/shape oriented than line oriented. Not  bad for a half an hour quickie!

Aww, a moonlit stroll with Slendy-kun. <3

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Happy fourth of July!

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It’s time to slenderize! The Muppets!

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Blew off some steam with a quick slendy sketch thing. Just using shades of grey/gray. 

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It’s time to Slenderize! Tinky Winky of Teletubbies fame (?)

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It’s time to slenderize! Where’s Waldo!

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